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My name is Jani Riekkinen. I´m an landscape and outdoor photographer, based in Finland. Photography is a passion of me nowadays. I have always enjoyed hiking in nature, so I started thinking that it would be nice to start taking photographs of all these beautiful landscapes that seem to be forever changing as you move through them. I also sketched and drew a lot as a child and teenager, but then my love of sport took over and drawing was left behind. When I suffered several injuries I had to take time off from sport and I found myself returning to my sketching and drawing in the form of photography. While I love to travel, most of my pictures are from my beautiful home country. There is something truly special about Finnish nature and the quality of light.

I´m a self-taught photographer, I challenge myself to learn new things and continually strive to improve my talent. I am always seeking out the best lighting conditions and new interesting places. Along with lighting and the environment, I pay close attention to technical settings. I’m constantly trying to improve my skills by exploring new tricks and techniques in search for the perfect photograph.

When I'm not taking photos, I spending time with my family, watching movies or trying to take care my physical condition. 

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My images have been used by many magazines, for example, the largest nature magazine in Finland called Suomen Luonto. You find my images also in textbooks and calendars. Many hotels and companies have bought my images for for decorative use, example wall art or wallpapers.

Camera equipment

I´m currently using a Fujifilm X-T2 mirrorless body and I have Fujinon XF10-24mm, XF18-55mm and XF55-200mm lenses. I also have Samyang 12mm manual lens, a Sirui N-2205X Tripod and Sirui K-10X ball head.

Work with me

If you have any queries relating to my work, please don´t hesitate to contact me. I am also open for collaborations and work offers.

Contact: jani.o.riekkinen@gmail.com or through contact form.

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